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The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry
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The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry


Harold Fry is convinced that he must deliver a letter to an old love in order to save her, meeting various characters along the way and reminiscing about the events of his past and people he has known, as he tries to find peace and acceptance.--world...

Title:The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Hardcover
Number of Pages:320 pages

    The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry Reviews

  • Florence (Lefty) MacIntosh
    Jul 25, 2012

    The Harold Fry that leaves to mail a letter to his dying friend is drained by life, full of self-loathing and incapable of mending his ruined marriage. ‘For years they had been in a place where lang...

  • Lisa Kay
    Jun 27, 2013

    Found at The Sunday Edition:The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry is the story of one man's faith in his feet. (OneEighteen/photopin)★★★★★ So well narrated by the wonderful Jim Broadbent. If...

  • Richard Derus
    Oct 18, 2012

    Three star review has moved to Expendable Mudge Muses Aloud.But really, there are better ways to spend your eyeblinks than reading this mawkish treacle....

  • Jennifer
    Jun 02, 2012

    stil mulling this one. sometimes i really liked it and other moments i was...a little bored. there was definitely an overuse of "put one foot in front of the other" that verged on becoming a drinking ...

  • Isabelle
    Jan 21, 2013

    I have just browsed through a bunch of reviews that are literally glowing with praise, so I feel rather embarrassed that I cannot be more enthused about this novel.I was really taken in by the premise...

  • Michael
    Jul 13, 2012

    Harold Fry has never done the unexpected, having spent the last 65 years living a quiet sheltered life. Retired for the last six months Harold shaves each morning and puts on a tie only to sit in the ...

  • Jaline
    Jul 19, 2017

    One of my favorite places to read during nice weather is out on my balcony. At one point in this book I was out reading, sunglasses on to cut the sun’s glare, and the story gripped my heart to the w...

  • Lynne Spreen
    Sep 23, 2012

    I just finished this lovely book, and I'm never going to forget it. To those who say nobody wants to read about "old people", I'd say, read this book. The fact is, as long as you're alive, you should ...

  • B the BookAddict
    May 28, 2013

    What to say about The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry; a lovely read, a phenomenal book, exceptional and captivating. How I lingered over this book; read it slowly to truly savour and appreciate the...

  • Jenny (Reading Envy)
    Jul 06, 2012

    I fear I am heartless.Some people I respect as readers give this book five stars and I just can't.Basically, it is about a man taking a walk. Beginning, middle, end. He gets bad news about an old frie...