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Kisses to Remember
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Kisses to Remember


Graphic designer Johanna Ware knows family is the most important part of life. Her son, Kameron, is her world after losing her daughter and husband. She hides away on her Nebraska farm, wishing for adventure but settling for responsibility.

Corporate pilot Holden Lancaster is ready to fly for Donovan Electronics at a moment’s notice. When he isn’t in the air, he’s at his Texas home remodeling old cars to race and sell. He enjoys the speed of his life but not the solitude.

When Holden discovers shady dealings at Donovan Electronics, an attempt on his life leaves him with amnesia in a crashed plane in Johanna's field. With no memory of family or friends and a company who denies employing him, Holden is placed in Johanna’s care.

Will Johanna regret opening her world to this sexy stranger? Will Holden remember a life that makes it impossible for him to be with Johanna? Or is love enough to make them forget everything but each other?

Title:Kisses to Remember
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Kindle Edition
Number of Pages:282 pages

    Kisses to Remember Reviews

  • Lhenry
    Jul 25, 2012

    I am not sure why this Romantic Suspense was so great to me when it's not really an amazing new premise and in fact not a very believable premise, the way Joanna brings Holden a complete stranger home...

  • Nicole
    Aug 15, 2012

    I enjoyed this book a lot. I really liked all of the characters and while some of it was a little far fetched it didn't matter b/c that is what I love about reading. I like to get caught up in a good ...

  • Claudia B.
    Aug 03, 2012

    Lovely book.Suspense,tons of romance and humour,I really enjoyed it :)...

  • Gina
    Aug 10, 2012

    I really wanted to like this book because the writing is top notch and the characterization is well-done (except for the son who sounds and acts a lot older than nine, regardless of what he's lived th...

  • Suzanne Williams
    Sep 16, 2012

    3.5 stars. The best part of this story hands down was Holden Lancaster. For him, I read to the end. Johanna Ware became secondary. I did love her son, Kam. He is one of the few child characters that d...

  • Michelle [Helen Geek]
    Aug 03, 2012

    Free on Amazon 08/03/2012....

  • The TBR Pile *Book review site*
    Mar 12, 2013

    http://thetbrpile.weebly.com/1/post/2...It is a little hard forming a serious opinion about this book. The writing is really great and the story flows at a good pace. The characters are very well done...

  • Brenda Whiteside
    Oct 09, 2012

    A husband in prison, a cantankerous father in law, a bright ten year old, a loveable dog, weapons deals, murder and love - wow! Ms. DePetrillo has all of that in her book and juggles it with skill. I ...

  • Trish Jackson
    Oct 16, 2012

    This is the first book by this author I've read and I love it very much.Johanna Ware and the injured pilot she takes in, Holden Lancaster have that spark going from the beginning. I love the character...

  • Monica Akinyi Odhiambo
    Sep 17, 2012

    Amazing read really.Had me turning pages and sleeping late just to know how the story would end.The romance between Holden and Johanna was so sweet.Kam and Ted were so adorable.I felt like I was there...