The Protege

The Protege


She was young promising composer in search of a master to teach her and advise her.

Serena Singleton was the beautiful up and coming talent brought to the attention of the eccentric, famous, and wildly wealthy Sebastian Sorenson, one of the foremost and most talent composers in Hollywood and in the Academics field.

A chance encounter brings them into an arrangement that turns out beyond their expectations and desire, testing their boundaries.

Who is the student, the protege, and who is the teacher?

Nothing is as it seems in this romantic exotic thriller.

Title:The Protege
Edition Language:English
Format Type:
Number of Pages:286 pages

    The Protege Reviews

  • Warpedmind

    It started out to be an very interesting story with Serena and Sebastian. You got a look at a young woman going to college trying to get an advisor for her music degree. In comes professor Sebastian S...

  • Writer

    NOT QUITE WHAT I EXPECTED...strange to say the least!, March 29, 2013Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)This review is from: The Protege (Kindle Edition)In all honesty, I don't really know how to r...

  • Sharon Mariampillai

    This was a great story. This was Kailin Gow's first adult book. I thought it was a great adult debut. The story was about Serena Singleton is a young musical composer who is looking for an advisor. Sh...

  • ? Brandy ?

    This book started out interesting, but then when the heroine all of the sudden went back to her Master, who we knew absolutely nothing about... Nor did we know that the heroine had been in the BDSM li...

  • Courtney

    ****PLEASE VISIT WWW.LOVENBOOKS.COM FOR ALL REVIEWS****Kailin Gow has blown me away with The Protege. I have always been a fan of her books and her writing, but if I had never read a book by her befor...

  • Tara

    Was pleased to be one of the beta readers for the ARC on this, though my copy came late...This is a slight departure from Kailin Gow's "usual" writing, but only slight as her character building, human...

  • Carlee

    I'm not really one to like leaving a bad review, but I really didn't understand this one??...It seemed all over the place towards the end. Like the author had all these thoughts of where she wanted to...

  • Carole

    This book just didn't do it for me. I felt that she was trying to get into the BDSM market,50 shades - and it just fell flat.I don't want to reveal any spoilers, but it feels like 2 different books.It...

  • Maya

    Started off good and thought it would have a solid ending. Than at about 60% it turned a little werid. I don't think I'll be reading anymore I this series....

  • Maddison Hoy

    Price ruined everything! :( Poor Sebastian I'd take him anyday. I do see why she is staying with Price but I still don't forgive her for it. Can't wait for the second book!...