Seven months, eight months, nine months ... a lifetime. Exchanging gentle kisses at the top of Mt. Tam, Jamie and Ryan declare their love for one another. Studying for exams and training for the AIDS Ride, they experience the tentative fumblings and frustrations of adjusting to a new relationship. Though Ryan is determined to proceed at a pace that is comfortable for her neophyte partner, their need for each other grows stronger with every passing hour- whether they are together or apart.
"We begin a magical journey. A journey of exploration, a journey of wonder, a journey of commitment. A journey we make together." The speech at the beginning of their 560 mile biking odyssey epitomizes their feelings about the Ride, and about the beginnings of the life they plan to share.

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Number of Pages:312 pages

    Beginnings Reviews

  • Jenny

    I really liked this book. There was alot of sexual tension and I was just sceamimg DO IT ALREADY!!!...

  • M

    Really enjoying this series (even if I do find it a bit daunting that there are at least another 8 books to go), the characters and the writing are top rate. I do have to agree with another reviewer t...

  • Kennedy

    I am enjoying this series. I like the romance and the build up although you want them to get on with it already. The secondary characters are a bonus and I love the family dynamics, the dog, the baby....

  • Pinkdturtle tina

    I read this book like there was no tomorrow! But looks like I have to now get on to the next ASAP I just love Susan's writing style...

  • Fiona Andrews

    loved the whole series and am eagerly awaiting the 18th book 'R' I think. The main characters are really likable and the supporting characters always add to the story....