Without Warning

Without Warning


On a day that begins like any other, a violent earthquake strikes Los Angeles, plunging the region into chaos. Two strangers, trapped in a collapsed shopping mall, find each other amid the rubble and join forces to escape. Hampered by injury and darkness, they dig and claw their way through one crumbled store after another, emerging long after most have given up hope for survivors.

The ordeal leaves both women shaken, but their shared triumph sets them on a life-changing course together, igniting a connection like neither has ever known.

Anna Kaklis—whose perfectly planned life never included falling in love with another woman—is thrown for a loop, but she doesn’t doubt her heart.

Lily Stewart—abandoned too many times by people she trusted—won’t let herself believe that Anna’s love will endure.

Without Warning is the story of their courageous journey through adversity, and their promise of steadfast love.

Title:Without Warning
Edition Language:English
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Number of Pages:223 pages

    Without Warning Reviews

  • Diana

    Great read! 1st installment from this series was well written and had good character development..highly recommend to all (paperback!)...

  • Cheri

    I broke down and bought the 4 book bundle with the entire series. Still love Anna & Lily!***finished a reread and it's still one of my absolute favorites. The chemistry and humor are just great. ***7/...

  • Luce

    Read this first when it was online. I didn't notice any huge changes, though the author said it was re-edited. But then again it has been a few years & my memory is crap. The positive is re-reading is...

  • Hue

    Wow. I never thought I'd ever find Korrasami feels in a novel. But need I say more? This hit closer to my heart after being still not over The Legend of Korra and the awesomeness that Korra and Asami ...

  • Cheri

    Yep, still love this book. Anna and Lily are likely my very favorite lesfic couple of all time. The story is filled with humor, the leads have great chemistry, and, even though there are some typos, i...

  • Nikki

    Re-read this one super quick, just like the last time I read it. I didn't love it *as* much as the last time. I think I've gotten pickier the more I've read. But I still loved the characters and could...

  • Stephanie

    Really, really, really like these books! I just bought the fourth one in the series. I have basically read one a day since I started "Without Warning". Which is unheard of for me with my work schedule...

  • poppp

    Great read! I couldn't put it down. I love both of the women and their chemistry is unmistakable. Looking forward to the next books in the series. I'm happy I found this one to read as I feared I've r...

  • Kathryn

    WAY too many references to "The tall woman"(35 times), "The blonde woman" (53 times), and the "Dark-haired woman"Overall, the story was good and the writing excellent on this first book of the series....

  • C. Mack

    Simply put I really enjoyed this read. It took a situation and gave it some levity without it getting too heavy. Enjoyable romance.Just re-read...it's easy and light, worth the second read but I did c...