L.A. Metro
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L.A. Metro


Dr. Kimberly Donovan’s life is in shambles. After her medical ethics are questioned, first her family, then her closeted lover, the Chief of the ER, betray her. Determined to make a fresh start, she flees to California and L.A. Metropolitan Hospital.

Dr. Jess McKenna, L.A. Metro’s Chief of the ER, gives new meaning to the phrase emotionally guarded, but she has her reasons.

When Kim and Jess meet, the attraction is immediate. Emotions Jess has tried to repress for years surface. But her interest in Kim also stirs dark memories. They settle for friendship, determined not to repeat past mistakes, but secretly they both wish things could be different.

Will the demons from Jess’s past destroy their future before it can even get started? Or will L.A. Metro be a place to not only heal the sick, but to mend wounded hearts?

Title:L.A. Metro
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Kindle Edition
Number of Pages:325 pages

    L.A. Metro Reviews

  • angie
    Jun 08, 2014

    L.A. Metro is an amazing read, especially for its genre. If you're like I am and always looking for a kindhearted romance with some adorable sweetness and lots of "does she or does she not?" tension t...

  • M
    Nov 14, 2014

    Lovely read. Standard setting and plot, but so well realized that you don't feel as if you have read it before.Wonderfully well presented characters, natural dialogue and a great big dog. What's not t...

  • P. Industry
    Feb 28, 2015

    I resisted reading this book for a long time. I was an idiot. Don't be me.Dr. Kimberly Donovan is fleeing Minnesota; a gifted psychiatric practitioner, L.A. Metropolitan Hospital offers her a fresh st...

  • Rain
    May 13, 2017

    This was very enjoyable! I had wanted to read something like this for a while, a book about female doctors who fall in love, and this one didn't disappoint! Sure, I found it kind of slow at times, and...

  • Tara
    Jan 08, 2015

    This was probably a little more like a 4.5 for me because there were a handful of unforgiveable typos. BUT! I LOVED this book. Oh my goodness, I loved the characters, I loved their growth from strange...

  • Milkiways
    Nov 19, 2015

    Slow paced, well written, feel good, usual romance....

  • Kathryn
    Nov 24, 2014

    The storyline itself was fine. However, I took exception to two over-used scenarios/phrases in this book. Firstly, the reference to one of the main characters breast-size being large and, therefore, e...

  • Andrea
    Jun 18, 2017

    I read the second book of this series first and both books can be read independently. I actually liked the second book a bit better because it had less repetitive phrases and overall better written. I...

  • C. Mack
    Apr 16, 2017

    I did this back to front and re-read no.2 before no.1 but it didn't make any difference, they can be read independently. A great book by R.J Nolan, superbly written. Really enjoyed it....

  • Megzz
    Nov 27, 2014

    I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I hadn't heard of it until a few days ago. Being a fan of Radclyffe's medical novels, I was expecting to be disappointed by another writer. I wasn't.There is g...