Broken Faith

Broken Faith


Themes: Romance, lesbian. Length: approx. 127,700 words
Emotional wounds aren’t always apparent, and those that haunt Marika and Rhiannon are deep and lasting.
On the surface, Marika appears to be a wealthy, successful lawyer, while Rhiannon is a reclusive, maladjusted loner. But Marika, in her own way, is as damaged as the younger Rhiannon. When circumstances throw them together one summer, they begin to reach out, each finding unexpected strengths in the other.
However, even as inner demons are gradually vanquished and old hurts begin to heal, evil in human form reappears. The cruelly enigmatic Cass has used and controlled Marika in the past, and she aims to do so again.
Can Marika find it within herself to break free? Can she save her young friend from Cass’ malevolent web? With the support of remarkable friends, the pair fights to break free—of their crippling pasts and the woman who will own them, or kill them.

Title:Broken Faith
Edition Language:English
Format Type:
Number of Pages:440 pages

    Broken Faith Reviews

  • Natasha

    Received through Goodreads Firstreads, signed and with extras. Thank you!Broken Faith was really, really, really good. This is the first book in a long time that I've put down several times within the...

  • Bib

    It's not too bad, but I enjoyed Kicker's Journey and Coming Home more....

  • Chand

    Broken Faith is a slow-burning romance. It does a good job of allowing the relationship between the two main characters, Marika and Rhiannon, to develop gradually. The characters are so well sketched ...

  • angie

    A special & touching read with some great, great passages that I couldn't help but highlight with my Kindle**, Broken Faith is absolutely phenomenal! Lois Cloarec Hart is a talented, sensitive writer ...

  • Cherrybelle Dawn

    Firstly, I am just very grateful to have received this book through Goodreads giveaways. This interesting fiction is distinctively characteristic and liberating that touches a unique subtle genre of s...

  • Klub buku Mirror

    psychology experts say there is nothing wrong with the lives of lesbians. it's just that they find comfort with others of its kind that he did not get from the opposite sex. women are more concerned w...

  • Gail

    #2 in the Calgary series and I was not disappointed. Ms Hart makes me ponder while escaping the pressures of daily life in reading her books. I absolutely loved the first book of the series and once a...