Lords of the Sith
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Lords of the Sith


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. . . .

When the Emperor and his notorious apprentice, Darth Vader, find themselves stranded in the middle of insurgent action on an inhospitable planet, they must rely on each other, the Force, and their own ruthlessness to prevail.

“It appears things are as you suspected, Lord Vader. We are indeed hunted.”

Anakin Skywalker, Jedi Knight, is just a memory. Darth Vader, newly anointed Sith Lord, is ascendant. The Emperor’s chosen apprentice has swiftly proven his loyalty to the dark side. Still, the history of the Sith Order is one of duplicity, betrayal, and acolytes violently usurping their Masters—and the truest measure of Vader’s allegiance has yet to be taken. Until now.

On Ryloth, a planet crucial to the growing Empire as a source of slave labor and the narcotic known as “spice,” an aggressive resistance movement has arisen, led by Cham Syndulla, an idealistic freedom fighter, and Isval, a vengeful former slave. But Emperor Palpatine means to control the embattled world and its precious resources—by political power or firepower—and he will be neither intimidated nor denied. Accompanied by his merciless disciple, Darth Vader, he sets out on a rare personal mission to ensure his will is done.

For Syndulla and Isval, it’s the opportunity to strike at the very heart of the ruthless dictatorship sweeping the galaxy. And for the Emperor and Darth Vader, Ryloth becomes more than just a matter of putting down an insurrection: When an ambush sends them crashing to the planet’s surface, where inhospitable terrain and an army of resistance fighters await them, they will find their relationship tested as never before. With only their lightsabers, the dark side of the Force, and each other to depend on, the two Sith must decide if the brutal bond they share will make them victorious allies or lethal adversaries.

Title:Lords of the Sith
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Hardcover
Number of Pages:285 pages

    Lords of the Sith Reviews

  • Alejandro
    Jan 06, 2016

    The Dark Side of the Force is strong in this book! This story is considered officially canon by Lucasfilms in the newly established canonThis story is set 5 years after the events of ?Star Wars ?...

  • Bookworm Sean
    Feb 22, 2016

    "Vader completed his meditation and opened his eyes. His pale, flame savaged, face stared back at him form out of the reflective black transparisteel of his pressurised meditation chamber. Without t...

  • Bookwraiths
    May 28, 2015

    Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths Reviews A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away . . . . EPISODE III (and then some)The Empire reigns supreme in the galaxy.With an Enlightened Emperor upon the t...

  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    Sep 13, 2015

    4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum http://bibliosanctum.com/2015/09/08/a...Probably the best Star Wars novel I?ve read in a while, and certainly one of the better Star Wars novels I?ve ever read, L...

  • Jberz
    May 06, 2015

    Out of the new books that have come out so far Lords of the Sith may have been my least favorite. That's not to say it's a terrible book by any means but many aspects of it simply fall flat.7 things I...

  • Steve
    Apr 23, 2015

    I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.2.5 stars, rounded down to 2 stars ? I just wasn?t enamored with this one.Lords of the Sith is the story of the Free Ryloth movement...

  • Matthew Ashby
    Apr 30, 2015

    Well, the fourth released "new" canon book is the first bad one. And, wow, is it bad.Where do I begin? The characters talk no more than a sentence at a time, so none of them sound like real people. An...

  • Terence
    Jan 05, 2016

    Twi'lek Freedom Fighters Cham Syndulla, Isval, and the Free Ryloth movement find themselves with an opportunity too rare to pass up on...the chance to kill The Emperor and Darth Vader. The leaders of ...

  • Milo (BOK)
    Sep 09, 2015

    The Review Can Also Be Found Here: http://thefictionalhangout.blogspot.c...A LONG TIME AGO, IN A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY..."Anakin Skywalker, Jedi Knight, is just a memory. Darth Vader, newly anointed Si...

  • Mason
    Jan 15, 2016

    Getting a good Star Wars novel is a total game of luck. Mostly due to the fact that hundreds of different authors have given their pen to the franchise in order to produce stories of the Expanded Univ...