The Princess Diarist
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The Princess Diarist


The Princess Diarist is Carrie Fisher’s intimate, hilarious and revealing recollection of what happened behind the scenes on one of the most famous film sets of all time, the first Star Wars movie.

When Carrie Fisher recently discovered the journals she kept during the filming of the first Star Wars movie, she was astonished to see what they had preserved—plaintive love poems, unbridled musings with youthful naiveté, and a vulnerability that she barely recognized. Today, her fame as an author, actress, and pop-culture icon is indisputable, but in 1977, Carrie Fisher was just a (sort-of) regular teenager.

With these excerpts from her handwritten notebooks, The Princess Diarist is Fisher’s intimate and revealing recollection of what happened on one of the most famous film sets of all time—and what developed behind the scenes. And today, as she reprises her most iconic role for the latest Star Wars trilogy, Fisher also ponders the joys and insanity of celebrity, and the absurdity of a life spawned by Hollywood royalty, only to be surpassed by her own outer-space royalty. Laugh-out-loud hilarious and endlessly quotable, The Princess Diarist brims with the candor and introspection of a diary while offering shrewd insight into the type of stardom that few will ever experience.

Title:The Princess Diarist
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Hardcover
Number of Pages:257 pages

    The Princess Diarist Reviews

  • Hannah Greendale
    Jan 13, 2017

    Shortly before she died, Carrie Fisher discovered a collection of journals she'd written in 1976 while filming the first Star Wars movie. In The Princess Diarist, Fisher's 1976 journal entries are rev...

  • April (Aprilius Maximus)
    Dec 28, 2016

    Y'all, I can't even talk about this right now....

  • Trudi
    Jan 03, 2017

    ?If anyone reads this when I have passed to the big bad beyond I shall be posthumously embarrassed. I shall spend my entire afterlife blushing.? Didn't we all feel this way about our diaries as hy...

  • Larry Hoffer
    Dec 31, 2016

    "I had never been Princess Leia before and now I would be her forever. I would never not be Princess Leia. I had no idea how profoundly true that was and how long forever was."I've got to tell you, it...

  • Alejandro
    Jan 09, 2017

    Excellent reading! IN MEMORIAM It was a shock when the news of Carrie Fisher?s demise came out, especially when her movie career was getting a deserved second air in the new Star Wars trilogy (seq...

  • Lynx
    Jan 16, 2017

    I have a confession to make? I?m not a Star Wars fan. Ive seen them (the original three at least) and they were enjoyable but overall just not my thing. I am however a Carrie Fisher fan and I am s...

  • Nenia Campbell
    Jan 03, 2017

    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || Amazon || Pinterest"I am someone who wants very much to be popular. I don't just want you to like me, I want to be one of the most joy-inducing human beings that y...

  • Figgy
    Jan 01, 2017

    I can?t promise that this is going to be an objective review; I feel this needs to be made clear from the outset.Five days ago, Carrie Fisher died, and in a year of deeply meaningful celebrity death...

  • Jenny (Reading Envy)
    Jan 12, 2017

    I was not a huge Carrie Fisher or Star Wars fan, in fact I only just watched Star Wars for the first time the year Episode VII came out. I didn't even know that Debbie Reynolds was her mother until sh...

  • April Cote
    Nov 27, 2016

    Princess Leia was the only princess I looked up to and wished to be growing up. Princess Leia was tough, smart, beautiful, with a fantastic hairstyle and a Jedi for a brother. Also, she had the best l...