The More of Less: Finding the Life You Want Under Everything You Own

The More of Less: Finding the Life You Want Under Everything You Own


Don’t Settle for More
Most of us know we own too much stuff. We feel the weight and burden of our clutter, and we tire of cleaning and managing and organizing.
While excess consumption leads to bigger houses, faster cars, fancier technology, and cluttered homes, it never brings happiness. Rather, it results in a desire for more. It redirects our God-given passions to things that can never fulfill. And it distracts us from the very life we wish we were living.
But it doesn’t have to be this way. 
In The More of Less, Joshua Becker, helps you….
•          recognize the life-giving benefits of owning less
•          realize how all the stuff you own is keeping you from pursuing your dreams
•          craft a personal, practical approach to decluttering your home and life
•          experience the joys of generosity
•          learn why the best part of minimalism isn’t a clean house, it’s a full life
The beauty of minimalism isn’t in what it takes away. It’s in what it gives.

Title:The More of Less: Finding the Life You Want Under Everything You Own
Edition Language:English
Format Type:
Number of Pages:240 pages

    The More of Less: Finding the Life You Want Under Everything You Own Reviews

  • Rachel Willard

    There was nothing new here compared to his other books and other authors have done better with this subject. I also didn't appreciate the gratuitous amount of Christian preaching that this book had. T...

  • Emma Sea

    A very good book if you are considering cutting down on your stuff and just want a nudge to take the plunge. If you've already made that decision this will not be as useful....

  • Sarah

    So I've been a minimalist for a solid year and a half now and it's been almost two years since I started researching and toying with the idea of it. For a while I said I was on a "minimalist kick," bu...

  • Gina

    To be honest, I skimmed this book, and I did so because:1) I'm at the point where I'm more interested in practical application and exercises, not personal stories. A bit of that is fine, but every min...

  • Anne Lawson

    In the world of simplicity/decluttering books (and there are a lot out there now), some say Joshua Becker says nothing new. Others have criticized his emphasis on Christianity. Here's my take: 1. I ha...

  • Jen Dykxhoorn

    Mediocre at best. Didn't realize the overt religiosity contained in the book. Becker attempts to justify the biblical bits as "relevant to all faiths and viewpoints" but he does come off as very preac...

  • Kelene Totzke

    Over the weekend I had the pleasure of reading an advance copy of Joshua Becker?s new book, ?The More of Less.? By the 2nd chapter, I had to put the book down for a second to get a highlighter. ...

  • Bingjun Zhang

    A book on minimalism life style but nothing new, at least for me... Probably better for someone who is completely new to minimalism. The only useful take home message for me is the 29 rule - remove 29...

  • Moshe Mikanovsky

    Some good advice in this book. Would have been higher rating if not for the Christian/Jesus references throughout the book. Felt preachy at times. If the book would have been named The More Of Less fo...

  • Deb

    I have followed the author's blog for quite a while, so the book was a bit repetitive for me. Plus, there were too many religious "tie-ins" that I wasn't expecting. If you're not familiar with minimal...