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'We've been waiting for a novel that shows just how creepy and scary social media actually is and this is it. Angela Clarke knows exactly which buttons to press. #creepedmeout’ -Tania Carver


The ‘Hashtag Murderer’ posts chilling cryptic clues online, pointing to their next target. Taunting the police. Enthralling the press. Capturing the public’s imagination.

But this is no virtual threat.

As the number of his followers rises, so does the body count.

Eight years ago two young girls did something unforgivable. Now ambitious police officer Nasreen and investigative journalist Freddie are thrown together again in a desperate struggle to catch this cunning, fame-crazed killer. But can they stay one step ahead of him? And can they escape their own past?

Time's running out. Everyone is following the #Murderer. But what if he is following you?


Title:Follow Me
Edition Language:English
Format Type:
Number of Pages:352 pages

    Follow Me Reviews

  • Carole (Carole's Random Life in Books)

    This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life.This book did something that I honestly did not think was even possible for me. When I started the book, I wasn't connecting with it at all. I was...

  • Malia

    3.5 starsThis is a debut novel, and I have not read many mysteries or books using the terrifying the idea it proposes, so props for creativity. The thought that social media could be used by some crue...

  • Angela Marsons

    I had this book on pre-order from the moment it was available but had not been able to get to it because of work commitments. Once I did pick it up I couldn't put it down. As a new (ish) user of socia...

  • Christine

    Follow Me has a very up-to-date vibe about it, with a hint of a classic Agatha Christie. A killer lurks on Twitter.The story is pretty straight forward. Freddie is a young unpaid journalist struggling...

  • Dave

    I loved this book!After hearing conflicting reviews, you always start off a little suspect.It is very up to date regarding social media. Very fast-paced, engrossing and the pages turn faster than you ...

  • Paul

    Follow Me ? Great Debut ThrillerWho knew the depths of Angela Clarke, well known British fashion writer, someone who could give a peasant such as me much need style hints besides put your head in a ...

  • Leah

    I was so excited when it was announced Angela Clarke had FINALLY signed a deal for a fiction book - and a crime thriller, no less. I loved her non-fiction book Confessions of a Fashionista and I was d...

  • Nigeyb

    I was looking for a modern crime novel and had heard about Follow Me by Angela Clarke through some reviews. Helpfully, via NetGallery, the publishers sent me a copy to read and review. Overall I enjoy...

  • Prerana

    January 8, 2017WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.MIND BLOWN.REVIEW TO COME.January 12, 2017Just wanted to let you know that I wrote 2016 in the dates before I realized it was the new year. Did you also know in Oct...

  • Tracy Fenton

    Follow Me is an original and topical crime thriller featuring some fabulous characters, cracking dialogue and humour. I can imagine many readers don't particularly like the main character Freddie but ...