Nothing but Trouble
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Nothing but Trouble


Odawahaka has always been too small for Maggie’s big scientific ideas. Between her stuck-in-a-rut mom, her grumpy grandpop, and the lifetime supply of sludgy soda in the fridge, it’s hard for Maggie to imagine a change. 

But when Lena moves in with her creative spirit and outrageous perspective, middle school takes off with a bang. Someone starts pulling the kind of pranks that send their rule-loving new principal into an uproar—complete with purple puffs of smoke, parachuting mice, and a scavenger hunt that leads to secret passageways. Suddenly the same-old football games, election for class president, and embarrassing stories feel almost exciting. And for the first time in her life, Maggie begins to wonder if there might be more to Odawahaka than she ever saw coming!

Title:Nothing but Trouble
Format Type:ebook
Number of Pages:320 pages

    Nothing but Trouble Reviews

  • Ms. Yingling
    Sep 05, 2016

    Copy provided by Young Adult Books CentralMaggie lives with her mother and grandfather in his house in Odawahaka. Maggie's father, who studied at MIT, died before she was born, and her mother is so bu...

  • Montserrat L
    Mar 07, 2017

    This book is about Maggie and her big scientific ideas with Lena, her new best friend instead of Ally and Emely, Maggie was assigned to the table were Lena was so that is where she met her. I liked th...

  • Reader Girl
    Mar 17, 2017

    Similar idea to The Terrible Two, but The Terrible Two is better. This book has a lot of potential and is very good. I wish there were some background - what sort of pranks did Maggie used to do? Why ...

  • Beth Budra
    Dec 16, 2016


  • Clarissa
    Aug 02, 2016

    This is a great book about the friendship and cool prankster activities of two great female characters. There is a lot heart and a lot of fun in this book!...

  • Sarah
    May 19, 2017

    Nothing But Trouble is nothing but fun. Truly! Admittedly, I often do judge a book but its cover. Noting that author Jacqueline Davies had previously penned the Lemonade War series my snobbish side ca...

  • Emyrose8
    May 27, 2017

    3.5- I loved the small-town setting of this book. Coming from a small town myself, I could definitely relate. The hacks and the whole school atmosphere, brilliant! And Maggie's friendship with Lena is...

  • Kate
    May 22, 2017

    GIRL HACKERS! with back story!I really was charmed by this book. The girls' friendship issues seem right (I teach middle grades) and the essential problems (to matter, to be seen and heard, to trust i...

  • Rayna
    Jan 19, 2017

    A fun book with two female hackers (pranksters) stuck in a run down middle school in a run down town. This one had just enough laughs and just enough "real life" to keep myself and my son (10 yrs) int...

  • Leah
    Jun 21, 2017

    It was a really quick read book. Nothing exceptional about it, but not a bad book either. ...