Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice


Multiple Choice is unlike anything I’ve ever encountered before. . . . Reading this book is a wonderfully disconcerting and unforgettable experience.” —Francisco Goldman, author of Say Her Name
“There is no writer like Alejandro Zambra, no one as bold, as subtle, as funny. Multiple Choice is his most accomplished work yet. This book is not to be missed.” —Daniel Alarcón, author of At Night We Walk In Circles

A masterful, pioneering new work of fiction by “Latin America’s new literary star” (The New Yorker)
The works of Alejandro Zambra, “the most talked-about writer to come out of Chile since Bolaño” (New York Times Book Review), are distinguished by their striking originality, their brevity, their strangeness, and their flouting of narrative convention. Now, at the height of his powers, Zambra returns with a book that is the natural extension of these qualities: Multiple Choice.
Written in the form of a standardized test, Multiple Choice invites the reader to complete virtuoso language exercises and engage with short narrative passages via multiple-choice questions that are thought-provoking, usually unanswerable, and often absurd. It offers a new kind of reading experience, one where the reader participates directly in the creation of meaning. Full of humor, melancholy, and anger, Multiple Choice is about love and family; privacy and the limits of closeness; how a society is affected by the legacies of the past; and the conviction that, rather than learning to think, we are trained to obey and repeat. Serious in its literary ambition but playful in its execution, Multiple Choice confirms Alejandro Zambra as one of the most important writers working in any language.

Title:Multiple Choice
Edition Language:English
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Number of Pages:128 pages

    Multiple Choice Reviews

  • Elyse

    Did you have 'Test Anxiety' when you were in school? A Yes B No C Sometimes D AlwaysThis teeny-weeny book could take an hour to read --- or weeks. Your choice. You might feel a little intimidated by ...

  • Chelsea Humphrey

    Find all my reviews here: https://thesuspenseisthrillingme.comDate Read: 06/18/16Pub Date: 07/19/165 STARSThe works of Alejandro Zambra, ?the most talked-about writer to come out of Chile since Bola...

  • Rebbie

    Very clever indeed! It was a super fast read, although highly enjoyable. I especially love the silent stance the author is taking with the absurdity of (some? all?) standardized testing....

  • Fabian

    A magnificent collision between Dadaism & literature. A radical experiment that depicts a solemn reality behind much artifice and minutiae. It is risky. Overall: one great find for me at the Denver Pu...

  • Lee

    My first Zambra, other than an interview I translated last year. Quick, clever, painless, joyful, melancholic, unpredictable, clear, cool, refreshing, effervescent -- and therefore like refrigerated l...

  • Trish

    This work is all kinds of novel. Chilean novelist Zambra really puts us through our paces by making us actually participate in the process of his fiction. He gives us choices on how to finish his sent...

  • Kelli

    If this were graded, I doubt I would receive better than a C-. Presented in test format, I found this to be too much work and often confusing. This could be a brilliant stylistic choice but I tired of...

  • David Schaafsma

    Did Alejandro Zambra actually create a novel in the form of a standardized test?!A) Yes, he sure did, modeled on the Chilean Academic Aptitude Test which he himself took in 1993, with 90 multiple cho...

  • Cindy (Thoughts From a Page) Burnett

    Multiple Choice is a one-of-a-kind read in the best possible way. Chilean author Alejandro Zambra innovatively styled his new book after the Chilean Academic Aptitude Test which students took every De...

  • Speranza

    I agree with those who label this little book as pretentious, but I guess I don?t mind pretentious as long the author:a) Has something interesting to sayb) Says what he has to say in an interesting ...