A Christmas Message

A Christmas Message


A Christmas Message is Anne Perry's 14th novella in her festive series.

Christmas 1900.

Victor Narraway, Thomas Pitt's former boss and his new wife Vespasia are travelling by train from Jaffa to Jerusalem. Although enjoying their time together and the interesting people they meet, Vespasia soon becomes concerned that someone is watching their every move.

When one of their new acquaintances is found murdered, the only clue is a mysterious piece of parchment written in a foreign tongue, and a message imploring Narraway to continue the stranger's quest. Sensing its importance, Narraway and Vespasia decide to fulfil their dead friend's wish.

Continuing to Jerusalem with the parchment in hand, they quickly find themselves embroiled in danger. With Vespasia's fears suddenly realised and a watcher on their trail, will Narraway and Vespasia's fates follow that of their friend or can they make it to Jerusalem unscathed?

A Christmas Message is the tantalising new festive tale from the pen of Anne Perry, the master of Victorian crime.

Title:A Christmas Message
Edition Language:English
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Number of Pages:176 pages

    A Christmas Message Reviews

  • Sue

    My first Anne Perry is one of her Christmas releases, more of a novella really, with a very seasonal theme treated seriously, for adults to ponder large questions while watching her characters do the ...

  • Sophia

    The Christmas Stories series has long been a holiday staple for me. Each year I wait with anticipation which minor character from the author's other Victorian mystery series will get their turn to do ...

  • eyes.2c

    An illuminating Christmas mystery!On the surface of this Christmas mystery, Victor Narraway and his wife Lady Vespasia (two of my favourite Perry characters) travel to Jerusalem for Christmas. En rout...

  • Debbie

    "A Christmas Message" is a suspense novel set in 1900 in Palestine. A man is murdered in Jaffa, where our hero and heroine are staying briefly before taking a train to Jerusalem. They discover that he...

  • Beth

    Aw, Jeeze, this was just awful, and the plot was as tenuous as the point, which has escaped me. Something about the true meaning of Christmas, I'm guessing. But there were endless mental musings again...

  • Andie

    This is one of Anne Perry's Christmas mystery novellas that I usually enjoy. This one, however, is just preposterous. Victor Narroway & his wife, Charlotte Pitt's Aunt Vespasia have gone to Palestine ...

  • Beth

    A Christmas Message (Christmas Stories#14) by Anne Perry was not at all like I thought it would be, but that doesn?t mean that I didn?t enjoy it. Sometimes I find myself picking up a story to read...

  • Diane Waldo

    I usually enjoy Anne Perry's Christmas novellas, as each one takes a lesser character (or two) from her other mysteries and inserts them into their own mystery. Up until now, they have always been wel...

  • Hilary

    You don't need to have read the other books in the Thomas Pitt series to enjoy this one, and although you may have some idea what to expect from Anne Perry's Christmas novellas, this mystery is a litt...

  • Cheryl

    Boring and confusing. ...