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The most eligible bachelor on Capitol Hill has met his match.

Abbie Whitmore is good at her job. She knows how to protect people, and she's always right--until Congressman Jonathan Lassiter comes along. The presidential hopeful refuses to believe that his politics have put him in danger, yet Abbie's determined to keep him safe. But how can she protect him while she's guarding her heart?

Edition Language:English
Format Type:Paperback
Number of Pages:140 pages

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  • Maria Rose
    Dec 30, 2016

    This review appears at Patterson?s new Bookshots line (a fancy name for novellas) promises ?Under 150 pages; Under $5, Impossible To Put Down? and ?...

  • Anna's Herding Cats
    Nov 05, 2016

    Reviewed for herding cats & burning soup.Amazon: do-gooder politician, an assassination threat, a new bodyguard who will do anything to keep her new client safe. Danger, passio...

  • Jennifer
    Nov 25, 2016

    Bodyguard is the first installment in Jessica Linden's romantic suspense series titled Under Covers. This adult-only story is written under James Patterson's BOOKSHOTS imprint (fast reads for fast tim...

  • Octavia
    Jan 02, 2017

    UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHI wanted to DNF this at the 40 page mark, but seeing as it's only 146 pages to begin with, I kept going. And I was not a fan. I wanted something cheesy and light to start the new year w...

  • Kelly Akemann
    Dec 07, 2016

    In all honesty, I would give this one a 2.5 star rating. It was quick and to the point like the premise behind the book but it did not live up to the "Impossible to stop reading" acclaim on the back o...

  • Tiffany Giovino
    Dec 18, 2016

    I loved almost everything about this book. I read it in less than a day. I just wish there was more to it. I wish there was more character development. I wish there was more time between Abbie and Jon...

  • Sophia
    Jan 14, 2017

    Why do writers think that being a madam equals strong woman? I had some problems with this book. There were times when I couldn't stop reading because it was fast paced and grabbed my attention. Howev...

  • Linda
    Nov 21, 2016

    Abbie Whitmore is a security expert and good at what she does. She is thoroughly professional until she is assigned to Congressman Jonathan Lassiter. Her job is to keep him safe from a terrorist netwo...

  • Michelle
    Jan 03, 2017

    Abbie Whitmore goes into this assignment only as a job and to do it the best she can.She falls for Congressman Jonathan Lassiter and can't deny her feelings any longer.Both of them share these feeling...

  • Stephanie Rollins
    Nov 08, 2016

    Abbie has the job of protecting Jonathan. She is the head of his security team. He is a nave politician who is so for-the-people that he unknowingly puts himself in danger.Abbie goes between being f...