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After tragedy strikes on the day they were to wed, Jayden must support Kadesh as he ascends the throne and becomes king of Sariba. But with the dark priestess Aliyah conspiring to control the crown, and the arrival of Horeb, Jayden’s former betrothed, Kadesh’s kingdom, as well as his status as king, is at stake.

Jayden knows that the time to be merciful has come and gone, and that some enemies can only be halted by death. Now she and Kadesh must prepare to fight not only for their love, but also for their kingdom.

Edition Language:English
Format Type:Hardcover
Number of Pages:384 pages

    Returned Reviews

  • Kimberley Little
    Dec 08, 2014

    The newly released cover for RETURNED is SPECTACULAR!!!!!! I love how the model is evolving and evocative - strong and yet vulnerable, exotic and mysterious. With each book we get to see more of her f...

  • Alyssa
    Dec 13, 2015

    EDIT: June, 27, 2016:Cover! We have a cover! Check out my exclusive cover reveal post, and enter to win the entire trilogy! Huge thanks to Nick (The Girl with the Happily Ever Afters) for making this ...

  • Danielle (Love at First Page)
    Feb 09, 2017

    3-3.5 starsI'm struggling with how to rate this book. Here's the thing: almost everything about it was exactly what I was hoping for. Jayden and Kadesh are as fierce and determined as ever, and not on...

  • Gabriella Francis
    May 01, 2016

    DEAR GOD, WHY?! WHY DID BANISHED END LIKE THAT?! TOO MANY FEELS TO HANDLE.And then THIS. I am definitely reading this the second it comes out. Thanks for inspiring me with your beautiful writing, Kimb...

  • Cocktails and Books
    Feb 13, 2017

    I didn't like this final book as much as I did the other two. It felt like Jayden and Kadesh didn't connect much in this one. They had been through so much together that it felt wrong that they spent ...

  • Emily Andrewsen
    Feb 17, 2017

    This book has me so frustrated!!! I really loved the first book - so different and gripping! The second book was good, but also began to be a little bit frustrating 'cuz she was starting to act stupid...

  • Peter Carlstrom
    Feb 14, 2017

    Sweeping romantic sagaThe ultimate conclusion to the Forbidden series this book had it in spades. the journey of Jayden and her beloved, was not only through sometimes balmy and enchanting and mercile...

  • Veray Carter
    Feb 14, 2017

    This was such a great ending to a great series. There is so much to overcome and so many things that happen. As with war there is death and I was doing okay until the shock at the end that had me cryi...

  • Shelley
    Feb 08, 2016

    *Synopsis to ADD*Perfect for fans of Cleopatra’s Moon and the adult bestseller The Red Tent, this is the final book in the epic trilogy that began with Forbidden and Banished. Jayden and Kadesh’s ...

  • Tiffany
    Feb 13, 2017

    It wasn't as good as I thought it'd be.Jayden and Kadesh are still reeling from what happened at their wedding.Aliyah - sister of the Queen of Sheba; aspiring psychopath. She just seems to be spiralin...