My Enemy, My Heart
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My Enemy, My Heart


The sea is Deirdre MacKenzie’s home, and the crew of her father’s Baltimore clipper is the only family she loves. She’s happier wearing breeches and climbing the rigging of the Maid of Alexandria than donning a dress and learning to curtsy. But when the War of 1812 erupts, the ship is captured by a British privateer, leaving her father, the captain, dead. Deirdre watches her crew herded into the hold, destined for the notorious Dartmoor prison in England. Though her fate as a noncombatant is uncertain, she knows she must find a way to free her crew.

Kieran Ashford has caused his family one too many scandals. On his way to exile in America, he is waylaid by the declaration of war and a chance to turn privateer and make his own fortune. But he regrets his actions as soon as the rich prize is secured. Now his best chance at redeeming himself in the eyes of his family is to offer Deirdre the protection of his name in marriage.

But love and loyalty clash as Kieran begins to win Deirdre’s heart despite her plot to betray him. Will Kieran’s plan mend the relationship with his family, and can this fated couple find true love despite the secret lies between them?

Title:My Enemy, My Heart
Format Type:Paperback
Number of Pages:385 pages

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    My Enemy, My Heart Reviews

  • Lori Parrish
    Sep 24, 2016

    I thought this was a fabulous story! It's funny how we should meet our future spouses is it not? Laurie Alice Eakes is an awesome story teller who knows how to make her stories and the characters that...

  • Daphnee (daphneereads)
    Dec 08, 2016

    * Thank you Netgalley. I received this ebook for free in exchange of a honest review * My enemy, My heart was packed with action and I really enjoyed it. Deirdre, Kieran and Chloe were exactly the kin...

  • Karen
    Nov 15, 2016

    Fans of Poldark and Horatio Hornblower will enjoy this intriguing romantic adventure tale set during the War of 1812, that brings together a couple who could not be more opposite: an English nobleman ...

  • English
    Nov 30, 2016

    This was a fair story, as far as Romantic Fiction goes, and it even worked quite well as a cross-cultural Romance with protagonists whose nations are at war. Yet it also represented everything I do n...

  • Leila
    Nov 06, 2016

    23 year old Deirdre has been raised at sea. She's lived there all of her life! She is a sailor through and through. Her father is the captain, and the crew, her family (her mother died giving birth to...

  • Liz
    Dec 22, 2016

    I've read over 60 books this year, but none of them captured my imagination or set my heart racing more than this historical romance by Laurie Alice Eakes. Her research is thorough, and her technical ...

  • Carrie Schmidt (Reading is My SuperPower)
    Nov 01, 2016

    I love marriage of convenience stories ? and I love stories set in colonial times/Regency era. So the combination of the two, written by Laurie Alice Eakes, set my little bookish heart aflutter. Dei...

  • Regina
    Oct 23, 2016

    Oh my heart! This book was enchanting! I wasn't sure which way the book was going to end...some books you can sense what will happen not this one! Laurie Alice Eakes writes a book that keeps you so en...

  • Amy Vida
    Nov 28, 2016

    I was grateful to receive a free copy of My Enemy, My Heart in exchange for an honest review. Overall, I really enjoyed the story and the writing style. The first half of the book was the best. Who ca...

  • Bobirley Adams
    Oct 23, 2016

    I received a free copy of MY ENEMY MY HEART in exchange for my honest review.It's unusual to start a review with an apology, but it's almost 7:00 AM and I have been reading through the night and just ...