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A girl realizes her life is being written for her in this unique, smart love story that is Stranger Than Fiction for fans of Stephanie Perkins.

Annabelle’s life has always been Perfect with a capital P. Then bestselling young adult author Lucy Keating announces that she’s writing a new novel—and Annabelle is the heroine.

It turns out, Annabelle is a character that Lucy Keating created. And Lucy has a plan for her.

But Annabelle doesn’t want to live a life where everything she does is already plotted out. Will she find a way to write her own story—or will Lucy Keating have the last word?

The real Lucy Keating’s delightful contemporary romance blurs the line between reality and fiction, and is the perfect follow-up for readers who loved her debut Dreamology, which SLJ called, “a sweet, quirky romance with appealing characters.”

Format Type:Hardcover
Number of Pages:256 pages

    Literally Reviews

  • Cait ? A Page with a View
    Dec 08, 2016

    Release date: April 11, 20172.5 stars. The author showing up in her own book was SUCH a cool concept, but the story missed pretty much every opportunity to do something interesting. The main character...

  • Joshua Gabriel (Forever Bookish Josh)
    Oct 04, 2016

    Gosh, why did I learn about this book only now? I loved Dreamology, and this seems like another story that will claim a spot in my bookish heart. And so the dreadful wait begins. :3...

  • Olivia (The Candid Cover)
    Feb 08, 2017

    Literally seems like such a unique book. I am interested in the fact that this story kind of breaks the fourth wall when a girl discovers she’s a fictional character. Since it is recommended for fan...

  • Kei ? lovelypagesreviews
    Jan 25, 2017

    2 for the meta stars!Well, well, well. This has to me the most meta book I've ever read. Or is it?The book is about Annabelle, a high school student who discovers she's a fictional character and someo...

  • cyborgcinderella
    Feb 02, 2017

    This book was...really weird. It was basically a statement about all the tropes authors tend to use in their stories, but it just wasn't done very well. The premise was super cool, but the execution w...

  • Bookevin
    Jan 08, 2017

    What. Did. I. Just. Read?...

  • Iving
    Dec 29, 2016

    PfftGood thing this was short. I didn't want to dnf the last "read" book of this year's challenge. ...

  • Kaitlin (Next Page Please!)
    Dec 29, 2016

    This was such a cute and unique book! Review to come. ...

  • The Bookavid
    Aug 16, 2016

    WHATthat sounds like everything I want in life!! the need is strong...

  • Lenna
    Feb 10, 2017

    So this was interesting. Meaningthis was super weird and I did not like it. The premise is interesting. Annabelle discovers her life is being written by Lucy Keating, who coincidentally is the author ...