WTF Am I Supposed to Eat?: A Dieter's Manifesto

WTF Am I Supposed to Eat?: A Dieter's Manifesto


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WTF am I supposed to eat? will challenge everything you think you know about losing weight and eating healthy. Part obsessive dieter’s manifesto, part smart-ass common sense, WTF am I supposed to eat? is insightful, refreshing, and motivating—the kick in the ass that you need to stop listing to everyone else, and start doing what is right for you.

“I’ve spent a lifetime sifting through a sea of weight loss information and misinformation, all tangled up in knots; it is my mission to unravel the mess and search for WTF is the truth, and WTF is total bullshit.” -C.J. English

WTF am I supposed to eat? is not a scientific proclamation of facts, although there are plenty throughout. There are also pieces of bullshit scattered here and there to see if you’re still paying attention, analyzing carefully, and asking yourself what will work for me?

WTF am I supposed to eat? is loaded with smart-ass advice from a smart-ass chick who generally knows what she’s talking about.

FIVE STARS! “Facts, answers, ideas and solutions simmered to perfection in a fun an engaging way! I predict a best-seller! She will cut to the chase, chop up any confusion and deliver tons of fun “what the fuck” moments along the way.”-SueBee★bring me an alpha!★ ❶ Top-reviewer of romance/erotica on Goodreads

FIVE STARS! “This book is hilarious, smart and talks TO you, not AT you. It helps you decide what is best for you and how to maintain balance in your life. I plan on gifting this book to each of the ladies in my office... I can't wait to share recipes with them and wine. DON'T FORGET THE WINE! –FMABookReviews

FIVE STARS! “Reading this book has literally blown my mind. WTF Am I Suppose To Eat has given me the exact tools I needed. I loved it, I am planning on re-reading this book several times, if not forever. She is honest and straightforward , she doesn't try to impress the reader with fancy, and complicated nutritional terms, or tries to push her believes down to anyone's throat.-Dee, WrappedUpInReading

5 AWESOME STARS! “Stop what you're doing right now, go on Amazon and order this book on PB! You won't regret it. This book should be on every kitchen counter, on every night stand and on every coffee table! If you've done it all and you don't know what else to do then look no further! It's refreshing, it's funny, it's relatable and it'll challenge your way of thinking. I plan on re-reading this book over and over again:)”
–SherTheFablousBookLover, Goodreads Reviewer

Title:WTF Am I Supposed to Eat?: A Dieter's Manifesto
Edition Language:English
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Number of Pages:350 pages

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