Safe With Me
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Safe With Me


Thirteen years ago someone did something very bad to Anna. Now it’s her turn to get even …

Anna lives a solitary existence, taking solace in order and routine. Her only friend is the lonely old lady next door. She doesn’t like to let people to get too close – she knows how much damage they can do.

Then one ordinary day Anna witnesses a devastating road accident and recognises the driver as Carla, the woman who ruined her life all those years ago. Now it’s Anna’s chance to set things straight but her revenge needs to be executed carefully …

First she needs to get to know Liam, the man injured in the accident. She needs to follow the police investigation. She needs to watch Carla from the shadows…

But as Anna’s obsession with Carla escalates, her own secrets start to unravel. Is Carla really dangerous or does Anna need to worry about someone far closer to home?

A compelling, gripping psychological thriller, perfect for fans of The Girl on the Train and The Sister.

Title:Safe With Me
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Kindle Edition
Number of Pages:376 pages

    Safe With Me Reviews

  • Melissa
    Feb 26, 2017

    Can you see me, standing alone on my island of discontent, waving halfheartedly from the shore? Yup, here I am, once again . . . in the minority. I was sure the overwhelmingly positive reviews I’ve ...

  • Linda
    Dec 03, 2016

    Whoa! I feel like I've just gone through the drive-thru window at McCreepy's and ordered a Jumbo Squeamish Shake with a side order of Curl-Your-Toes fries.And taking my order is Anna. Anna certainly d...

  • Carol
    Jan 05, 2017

    This novel is brimming with psychos, but just wait until you meet creepy Anna!A motorcycle accident Anna witnesses brings back memories of what happened during the dark days 13 years ago, and as she b...

  • Mary Beth
    May 29, 2017

    I was a little disappointed in this one. I loved Blink and this one just did not do it for me. The characters in this book were not very likable. I especially hated Anna. It was so obnoxious being ins...

  • Sue
    Nov 15, 2016

    SAFE WITH ME is a gripping psychological thriller by a debut author, KL Slater…and definitely an author with a promising career, and published by my favourite publisher, Bookouture. Your future is s...

  • Abby
    Nov 13, 2016

    Thirteen years ago, Anna's family met with tragedy. Anna knows exactly who is to blame: Carla, the school councilor who was supposed to save Anna's younger brother, Daniel, but who put him in more dan...

  • Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice*
    Nov 22, 2016

    Anna is a solitary person. She has had a hard life. She is damaged but has built a new life on her own terms, one she can cope with. As long as nothing goes wrong.But when she witnesses a traffic acci...

  • Zoeytron
    Dec 30, 2016

    Copy furnished by Net Galley for the price of a review.Watch out for this type! You know the sort, a person who latches onto you, working nonstop to insinuate herself into your life. Attempts made at ...

  • Angela Marsons
    Nov 03, 2016

    I was lucky enough to receive an early copy of Safe With Me and absolutely loved it. It is a testament to the quality of this author's writing that her main character - Anna - still occupies space in ...

  • Liz
    Oct 19, 2016

    An odd sort of psychological thriller. It's told from multiple points of view . Initially, there are three perspectives - Anna, an overweight mail carrier who had a tragedy in her life 13 years ago, h...