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Pomes All Sizes
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Pomes All Sizes


The original manuscript of this book, written between 1954 and 1965, has been in the safekeeping of City Lights all the years since Kerouac’s death in 1969. Reaching beyond the scope of his Mexico City Blues, here are pomes about Mexico and Tangier, Berkeley and the Bowery. Mid-fifties road poems, hymns and songs of God, drug poems, wine poems, dharma poems and Buddhist meditations. Poems to Beat friends, goofball poems, quirky haiku, and a fine, long elegy in “Canuckian Child Patoi Probably Medieval . . . an English blues.” But more than a quarter of a century after it was written, Pomes All Sizes today would seem to be more than a sum of it parts, revealing a questing Kerouac grown beyond the popular image of himself as a Beat on the Road.

Title:Pomes All Sizes
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Paperback
Number of Pages:191 pages

    Pomes All Sizes Reviews

  • Parrish Lantern
    Apr 15, 2010

    love this little book Poem Old hornet me would woo thee fair, soft Sara of the flowers; But bee's not kind That seeks to find, peers too deep shares no sleep; And anyway' who woos beesWhat is there n...

  • Sean A.
    Jun 27, 2015

    Pretty uneven, but when he's on, he's on. Very playful....

  • Noora
    Sep 16, 2015

    An interesting and eclectic mixture of Jack Kerouac's poetry written between 1954 and 1965. Some of it reminded me of the time when I read On the Road, some made me laugh out loud, and some I had no c...

  • Molly
    Aug 07, 2007

    I do love Jack Kerouac, and while his poetry is hit or miss, it's worth looking at. He always inspires me with his freedom and joy....

  • Silver
    Jun 07, 2009

    One of my favorite collections of Poems!...

  • Mike Hammer
    Aug 24, 2015

    a good collection of all the different types of poems and occasional brilliance from Kerouac...

  • Greg Z
    Jan 11, 2016

    Best haiku ever, Kerouac's #27:"First we buy the meatand then we buythe pot"Truer words were never written. But one wonders what he has to say about food....

  • Megan
    Oct 14, 2009

    He's a good poet, but a better storyteller....

  • Angus Stirling
    Mar 24, 2014

    Kerouac got high and wrote stream-of-consciousness poems about buddhism and they were bad....

  • Bryce Holt
    Jun 02, 2017

    There are worse poetry books to be sure, but it's fairly nonsensical throughout. Incredibly uneven, as if you truly are crawling from oasis to oasis when seeking an actual good poem. I'd say there's p...